Minecraft a Study?

Ah yes, we finally get to a game that sold for billions, has millions around the world eagerly awaiting the next spare moment they have to jump into action and go tame some horses!

Alright let us just get right into the nitty gritty of it all. This game has had a big impact on myself and there is a whole ebook waiting to be written about it. Minecraft a Study on the other hand is going to be just one of many entries, this one in particular will span a few posts in and of itself along many subjects. Looking at the hidden inner workings of the game mainly in the multiplayer sense on servers.

Many have played on servers and if you have the game but have not played on a server, the whole game is essentially obscure, along side the fun that comes with it. Whole games are created on servers that have essentially nothing to do with the game at all. Hide and seek, zombie apocalypse worlds, town settings with rpg elements, casino games, tower defense, hunger games, fps westerns, ect, ect, ect …

In the posts to come there is going to be plenty to study with a few issues taking precedence. We have fascinating styles of what essentially should be noted as government. The goal of an essentially sandbox game, and how to achieve it. Admins and their interactions with the players and themselves.  Dazzlingly amazing creative aspects and the awe of artistic creation along with the perspectives it instills. The intricacies of players and their actions towards one another. Finally just why is this game so good, or evil MUHAHAHAH! Ahem no I mean good.    😉

So to launch this study off our gaze will initially focus on something that I have not done so well with despite the name of this entire blog. We will blast through and make a decisive stand on what the goal of a sandbox game can even be and how to achieve it. The days following we will broach each of these juicy topics but starting here is as good a start as any. Can’t wait to read the juicy replies 😀


What I’m doing

I am essentially trying to get everything setup and looking and working how I want it to then I will start posting articles, the goal will be an in-depth article once a week and some spin off ones 2-3 times per week.

The real goal would be to expand to other AvidGamers out there and have great articles from them as well, making this into a place where avid gamers get to rant and offer insight into their experiences and opinions.

Thanks for your patience!