Minecraft a Study? Achieving Victory! :D


Not a very subtle title but exactly what we are going into studying today. With the open ended feeling of the game one begs the question to be answered, “Can you even achieve victory in Minecraft?” In the simplest terms… absolutely, in putting on my honesty cap… depends on what you define as victory. The stated goal is running around in a randomly generated world exploiting resources to eventually end up at a portal that leads you to, “The End” where you kill a dragon collect the overly obnoxious amounts of experience and the dragon’s egg, then live happily ever after.

Defining Victory?

No one I know defines this as achieving victory in Minecraft, despite that being literally the stated victory of the game. Most can achieve that goal in a few hours of playing time. Meaning that in spite of the easily accomplished stated goal, everyone continues to play searching for their own definition of success. Some go out and look to create a mystical fantasy of their own creation, marveling at its beauty. Others spend their whole time preparing for war with others and the spoils of others left to them as they cackle manically over the corpses of their fallen enemies. Perhaps resource domination is more up your alley but military conquest of others to achieve that victory is not. For many finding numerous friendships and going on never ending adventures through the vast expansive world, laughing, crying, and dying together is victory.

The actual limit on what is defined as victory is essentially infinite. The plethora of YouTube  and Twitch videos and the personalities behind them goes to show how numerous the definitions of victory can be. So why do I care since apparently it doesn’t matter. If the definitions can be infinite there is no way to define our success right?

Ok now wait a moment because even though it seems infinite a lot of goals can be achieved through many different means. That last sentence seems a little oxy-moronic but just give me a moment. If multiple types of victory have many different ways of achieving them, then some of the strategies will allow us to achieve multiple instances of victory as well does it not? For instance if just being a resource banker is considered victory we can snatch it with simply being good at literally collecting materials, or by acquiring the spoils of our enemies through military conquest, or even by witty trade with other players within the game. Those just being three good examples however the list is yet again, essentially and dauntingly infinite.

“Yea yea… just keep talking in circles pretending to make sense but at the end of this and you still don’t I will demand a refund of my lack of victory!” ~My Head

Haha alright well despite the overwhelming appearance we are certainly narrowing down our definition of victory I promise. Plus no refunds!!  😀

Supposing for a minute that a strategy can give us not only multiple instances of victory but the most possible instances of victory what strategy would that be? Well to be the strategy that gives us the most bang for the buck , it would have to be time efficient compared to others. Allow us to take as many instances of considered victory and satisfy them. This is how we will define victory. Obscure no?

The Strategy to Rule them All

Time to make it less obscure. That heading is pretty bold, time to pay up on those bold loans and prove it has backing. 😀

We defined the goal of this strategy above but what strategy could actually rule them all?

To be honest like so many other games the real goal and strategy are hidden behind the facade put forth on the face of everything. It is very easy to have lots of strategies that accomplish specific goals. We don’t waste our time on that we are going for the big enchilada. Fully stuffed and so good you order it every chance you get. That enchilada is what it is in almost everything we do.

World. Domination. MuhahahaWorld Domination!!!

If we dominate the world than all sorts of victories are open to us. Essentially defining victory above came down to saying world domination. World domination has such a negative connotation however in my experience it has worked out well every time I got to be the one dominating the world and of course I am purely benevolent.  ;D

Joking aside in this case it actually is righteous because we are going to achieve it without coercion. Everyone we touch along the way will praise us for using this method not even a hidden malice is behind this one.

Enough stalin and time to show you its marks. (It was so funny I just spewed water all over myself) Anyways…. World domination doesn’t seem like a strategy but its goal, however when we stop looking at it that predefined way all sorts of games completely change. World domination in Minecraft would be being able to essentially achieve any goal at basically any time. Minecraft is a hoarder’s fantasy, legos on crack where the amount of legos are infinite and you constantly are storing more and more legos all the time. Everything in the game requires these legos to do anything. We could almost look at it like these legos are our currency and just like money in the real world everyone wants them always. However again just like in the real world not all legos are created the same. Some are more highly coveted than others and therefore should be our top priority to acquire. Yes we will cave to peer pressure and want what everyone else wants. In Minecraft the most highly coveted lego is clearly diamonds. No one will ever deny accepting free diamonds from you. People wait around begging for them from others all day long on servers. They are clearly a great start to our plan…

So how to acquire them is the next question. Putting that on hold and just saying that we had a vast sum already, how does that achieve victory? What if we wanted to militarily conquer our enemies? They are used in the strongest items of military conquest so having a vast sum allows us even if we are not the best at military strategy, to throw the most military resources to achieve victory. Perhaps we want military conquest but because we are not the best at actual combat we hire other players to be our military might while we sit back and reap the victory. We could even deviously trick our enemies into a situation where they are at deep disadvantage with the lure of our diamonds. Paying them off simply to just let us kill them is yet another option on the table. So just by using the strategy of vast diamond accumulation (which is world domination) we can achieve all sorts of victories.

Want to just acquire the most resources possible for our victory? Diamonds buy that. Want to just hang around with friends and go on adventures? Diamonds make it easier to explore and thus easier for us to have fun with our friends. Want to build the most beautiful house in all the magical land? Diamonds buy all those really hard to find niche legos that make our house go from boring to amazing. Even if we are terrible at building they allow us to bring in an expert in building to do it for us! Perhaps we want a hitman to takeout an enemy of ours but we don’t want that enemy to even know it was us. Diamonds buy the hitman and his tongue. Trying to find a rare spot in the world but don’t want to waste the time and effort to find it for ourselves? Diamonds again buy that or allow us to more easily traverse the landscape if we did want to find it on our own. Vast diamond accumulation even grants us political weight with the government (Admins) not directly perhaps however if we can achieve virtually any victory desired at any moment others notice, they really notice. Boom the foot in the door to them just opened up along with our political victory so to speak.

Ok ok this is sounding a little absurd though! We sound more like medieval landlords than someone that can achieve any victory at any time. That may be true but there is simply nothing else that allows us to achieve the most victories in the shortest time. The first picture above is from typing in Minecraft Victory in a search, did you notice the first thing on that list? Is there a victory diamonds couldn’t buy? Let’s see some ideas below of what we couldn’t be victorious with diamonds below in the comments!


Part two: Minecraft a Study? Achieving Victory! p2   will be coming in exactly a week. We will look at a strategy to best achieve the true strategy of victory we put forth here. World Domination. It sounds weird to say a strategy to be able to do another strategy however World Domination really is a strategy to achieve any victory we desire. So let us look forward to being able to get absurd amounts of diamonds in a week 😀