Minecraft a Study? Achieving Victory P2

Diamonds, the simple key to world domination and achieving any victory we want. The question becomes how do we acquire them in the most efficient manner? There are certainly a known few methods that come to mind. In a game where “mine” literally is in the title it makes sense that one of the ways is to mine. Trading is certainly another possibility however it certainly seems like it will require more time investment. We can always fulfill our darkside fantasy of conquest and take the stores acquired by others as well. Muhahaha

To truly go out of our way to maximize our return on our time we need to weed through the possible ways and choose the best of them. Mining is the most obvious and also the go to method for almost all in the game itself. If we are going to mine we might as well be the best miners we can be! Knowing that we even need diamonds to mine faster sucks on the surface but if we are willing to invest some of our hard earned early diamond funds we can watch our stockpile grow. A diamond pick is the most important tool in the entire game not only for diamond acquisition but for any building beyond wood and dirt. In hopes of not wasting our finite tool we need to mine the least and get the most from it. From just going straight to randomly turning to strip mining there are plenty of methods for playing the casino game of diamond hunting.


Now everyone always has their preferred method of gambling and while it is nice to have something that we create on our own that is not going to be the best way to utilize our time and resources. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and we are going to flatter something fierce. Our joy of self creation will be spent on other aspects of the game. When it comes to mining, strip mining is king. Yes we can be lucky with other methods and tout our successful gambling to friends using other methods but for the most jackpots, most of the time, strip mining is a must. Diamonds can generate anywhere from the bedrock (y=1) all the way up to (y=16) if we watch our F3 menu. In the computer versions of the game the best level to work our strip mining flattery on, is any level y=11 or above.

Funny but actually also applies to the game. Get your minds out of the gutter, brush them off and make sure you have cleaned them up for the next slew of terrible, but funny filth jokes. I mean game jokes… right.

Why so high up when we could run into diamonds below? Lava. It is never friend, the reason for the first rule of Minecraft, and one of the most annoying natural occurrences in the entire game. Putting aside my own love of lava, running into it while we mine could not only spell our death but lost diamonds. Nothing more annoying than spending an hour mining and having our hard earned diamonds taken from us over the beast that knows no mercy. On y=11 lava pools appear right where we walk so we still have to be careful, however we won’t run into walls with lava pouring out or run head first into impassable pools at eye level.There are a few ways to deal with the pools at our feet if we choose to mine at 11. We can just build walkways over them by carefully crouching and building on them, or as my Minecraft partner always loves to carry a bucket of water and just turn the pools into obsidian. Either is fine and could be debated as the preferred method.

Now let us discuss our strip mine as just like the types of mining everyone has their own way of doing a strip mine. A few designs are up for thought but the best one has been done by others before. We will flatter our way to achieving victory! Like a usual strip mine we will carve out a long main tunnel on our preferred depth (y>11). The debate comes in on how far out we take each of the strip tunnels off of the main one and also how much spacing we put in between each of them. I know I am going to receive flak for this but simply put we want 3 blocks in between each strip. Ores spawn in never being only a single block in width. With three blocks between

As we see this person has a different strategy but in my experience the most used way. Minus perhaps the starting on bedrock bit.

our strip tunnels the likelihood of missing an ore that is right in the middle block that won’t be seen as we mine is extremely low. Any that are, simply are not worth the wasted efficiency. Going after every ore we see even if it is not diamonds is a good habit because lots of ores inter-connect and so we can find diamond ores connected to coal or redstone. Even though we would like to skip those since they become more and more meaningless as we establish ourselves in the game. Mining the floor and roof ores out is generally good practice but not a paramount key in our strip mine so it is left up to discretion.


We know how far to space our strip mines now, but how far out should we take each strip mine before we stop and make a new one? Unlike before there really is not a perfect answer to this one. That being said with game chunks consisting of 16 blocks in length I personally like to do about what would be one chunk out or just slightly beyond (4-6 blocks or about 20 blocks in total). Far enough to fully see a chunk but not so far that we turn each of our strip mines into just digging straight forever. Also 16 blocks lets us nicely and neatly organize our lighting, putting a torch on the ground/wall every 8 blocks and not having monsters spawn in tunnels we have created. No one likes always having to fight the forces of the night every time they want to go mine, and it wastes time when we do have to smite them as well. The key is maximizing efficiency. We can have artistic freedom elsewhere.

One of the best ideas I have ever imitated is not perfectly aligning our strip mines on either side of our main tunnel. The feeling of hopelessness that we can get when the main tunnel can’t be found just sucks. It also again wastes our precious time. If we make a strip on the left side of our tunnel, when we come back to make a new one on the right put it forward by one block. This ingenious little design allows us to just run back in the direction of our main tunnel and not have to worry about running past it since we will run into a wall instead of going down the other side’s strip mine.

Now the last question that comes to mind is how high do we make our tunnels? Not a perfect answer but I just make them 2 blocks high, others like making them 3 blocks high. I make them only high enough to pass through because it takes more time to go out of the way to look up and mine out the extra block when I can more quickly just keep mining forward. Time is money, but either is certainly fine.

We have now spent a lot of time on the strip mine method and it was stated as the best way to mine however that isn’t actually true. There is another method that far outclasses strip mining. That being said it can’t be done until we have very well established our self in the world. So for almost everyone and certainly at the start of our journey everything outlined above is the best way to acquire diamonds by mining and will help us achieve victory better than any other method.

Better Than Strip Mining?!

So what is this other way that far outclasses strip mining? Beacon mining, there is simply no other way of mining that comes even close to the powerhouse that is beacon mining. The one daunting flaw is acquiring the beacon which requires retrieving three wither skulls and then smiting a wither. Once we have a beacon however we can build a fully powered beacon which becomes one of the most powerful ways of being blessed in the entire game. We can be bestowed with (haste II) which allows us to mine at double the speed or more. The true power behind beacon mining cannot be realized however without acquiring not only diamond picks but the most powerful enchants on a diamond pick in the game. Not only that but we will require six of these diamond picks for this method to be efficient.

Leaving aside how we will acquire all of these end game resources let us delve into why this method of mining is unsurpassed. There is no debate, 20 blocks of diamonds (180 diamonds) can be mined in thirty minutes to an hour with this method. A full beacon with haste II has a range of 50 blocks and with it and the picks required we will mine out that entire area 2 blocks high. It also is good practice to have a large amount of chests when we mine this way to store the vast sum of resources collected. Not only the diamonds but everything from gold to coal and even down to vast acquisition of stone.

Now let us just get a list of every end game resource required to do this method because mining is clearly one of the best ways to have overwhelming diamond coffers. We will need 6 diamond picks with Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, and I suggest but it isn’t required, Silk Touch. Let us not forget a stack or two of torches (will need more later to properly light it). To top it all off a stack or so of a good food of your choice (meats/pumpkin pie/ whatever).

That sums up the biggest portion on mining. Focusing on our goal of achieving victorious world domination Muhahaha! I mean, so anyways our first chapter in achieving victory ends. There are many multitudes of ways to acquire diamonds and some of the best are yet to come.