Hello Unwashed Millennial Masses!

Hello! I started this haven to rant, discuss, and give insight into gaming, its communities, with perhaps a little bit of philosophical intrigue along the way 😀

The above pretty much being the mission statement here I’ll layout a little more in-depth extrapolation.

          I have three basic areas that I am going to rant about.


Guides on gaming in general and specifics

Social Rants

Think this one explains itself pretty much

Philosophical Pondering

I’m sure that i’ll get myself in trouble here the most,

with going into everything from political issues to

general moral and societal issues here.

     Hopefully I can bring out topics that are interesting and enticing for debate and hopefully some good old fashion fun. Some insight into an avid gamer, the rants that plague such an individual, along with some helpful tips on how to DOMINATE the unworthy masses that everyone plays with 😉